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Telecom Training

NanoCell Networks offers training solutions on Wireless technologies, Circuit Core Network, Packet core network, Signaling Systems, Transmission Technologies, Microwave & Optical Fiber, IP fundamentals, OSS/BSS and other areas in the telecom training domain.

At NanoCell Networks, the highly skilled team has global work experience on various technologies in multi-vendor environment to design and deliver one of the best trainings in any areas of telecom to teams with varied experience. The instructors possess are extremely passionate about the knowledge sharing exercise, hence our customer’s training experience always exceeds their expectations from the learning objectives.

List of Training Programs

5G - Overview

Module 1 : Introduction and basics
  • Evolution of cellular systems; 1G to 4G
  • 4G status update; technologies, releases, important features
  • LTEto LTE-Advanced to LTE-Advanced-Pro
  • LTE in unlicensed bands; LTE-U/LAA/LWA/LWIP
  • Future wireless challenges; higher rates, lower latencies, IOT applications
  • Why 5G?.
  • New applications; connected cars, low-power IOT, Gbps/latency requirements
  • 5G use cases and service scenarios
  • 3gpp 5G standardization Status update; groups, key meetings, timeline etc.
Module 2 : 5G technology aspects
  • Spectrum for 5G
  • mm-waves and their potential usage; challenges in mm-wave systems
  • New technologies being considered; waveform design aspects
    • Non-OFDM choices; FBMC, NOMA
  • Technologies for IOT; NB-LTE
  • Massive MIMO and its role
  • Latency reduction challenges
    • Shorter frames
    • New protocols for accessing data
  • Core Network Technologies for 5G
    • NFV and SDN
    • Localized Operation

4G - Long Term Evolution (LTE) Courses

3G - WCDMA and HSPA Courses

2G - GSM and GPRS/EDGE Courses

Transmission Network Courses

Mobile Core Network Courses

WiFi (WLAN) and Bluetooth Courses

CDMA and 1x-EvDO Courses

Generic Telecom Courses