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  Remote Training Delivery

Remote Training Delivery(RTD)

NanoCell Networks Remote training delivery method is specially offered to deliver trainings to the participants from multiple locations in a single batch. Following this method will be highly cost effective for all our existing and potential customers as it reduces travel and stay cost to a great extent. It also provides flexibility to the trainer to schedule all training sessions as per the need of participants from different time zones.

Using Remote Training Delivery, the service of an expert trainer can be availed by our customers irrespective of trainer’s physical location anywhere in the world.

What to expect from RTD
  • View the Instructor’s Presentation: Using Web conferencing, you can see the instructor’s desktop as he or she stakes you through the PowerPoint presentations.
  • Listen and Participate: Using voice over IP (VOIP) technology, you can listen to the instructor and participate just as in a regular class.
  • Have Face-to-Face Interaction: Web cameras are positioned in the classroom so you can view your instructor. And of course, if there are others attending at your location, you’ll be able to interact with those participants.
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